Monday, May 19, 2014

Conflicts between China and Vietnam to Increase Pressure over Cambodia

Both internal conflicts of Thailand and China’s islands have made Cambodia in a dire straits. For example Thailand did not uphold to the ICJ’s judgment or verdict on the Preah Vihear temple border issue due to Thai internal conflict in 2013. And a series of border fire-exchange contentious skirmishes in the wake of Thailand’s boiling up of tension.

Amid the Thailand prolonged-conflicts there are new other conflicts which has been arising---conflicts between China and Vietnam simmer. These regional conflicts will affect to Cambodia inevitably. Vietnam is the neighboring and amicable country to Cambodia. As of China is the best friend who shore up economic businesses investment and donate millions of dollars to Cambodia too.

In a fashion of diplomatic politics and relation, Cambodia is very difficult to stay neutrally---neither favor to China nor Vietnam. Regional diplomatic relationship has been affecting to Cambodia including since Chinese evacuees entered into Cambodia from Vietnam then Chinese government asked for Cambodian government to send them back to China. Meanwhile, Vietnamese who are staying in Cambodia may go on strike against China in Cambodia as well. Cambodia is very hard to hesitate for making any decision because of both China and Vietnam are entirely making great benefits [but not for sake of human rights and democracy] to Cambodia.

If Cambodia is so smart and being strong enough of economics. It may take advantages from these regional conflicts. In contrast, Cambodia is so weak in economics and has been rattling by internal chronicle disharmony so it will be negatively affected by conflicts of the both countries. Phnom Penh government used to be beleaguered and had a stigma by bogging down the joint statement issuance of the ASEAN’s summit while it was the rotating head of the ASEAN association. Yet, Phnom Penh government used to notorious of transferring the ethnic minority back beholden to China’s request last time.

At the moment there is a new political pressure trace onto Cambodia again, while China and Vietnam are confronting on the islands issues. Cambodia is facing the pressing challenges of political pressure crisis from China and Vietnam as it could not yet resolve internal political election deadlock since 2013, whether Cambodia pro-China or pro-Vietnam. The single-party government of Phnom Penh is trapped in such tense crisis until cost much of resources to survive and secure its national and international politics. However, the opponent has been trying to struggle to defend the people’s will of national election result almost exhausted too.

In the wake of such standoff straits were shown to be coeval of the regional tension which adds more pressure to Cambodia in term of internal existing political deadlock. In this context, Cambodia must immediately deal with the internal issues in order to brace for impacts from the both countries’ conflicts. That is the best way and stay in neutrality position.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Need Money to Engage with Politics like Business Running

Money is best means to throw your hat into political ring. They will not become politicians without money, it is like running a business but they are only politician followers in Cambodia. The politicians have to spend based on position and rank after they expect to win the election and being promoted. For senior positions, the much more money politicians agree to spend. Of course, the political parties must have enough other sources including money in particular. The main sources of money in order to mainstream parties are stemming from investment of politicians and fund raising from those who are fascinated by party or believe in party.

It is not a problem related to money for spending in the ruling party due to its followers and politicians are mainly rich people and tycoons. The opponent party is concerned about money source. Investment in politics made a big problem because the parliamentarians in charge of their constituent location which require spending lots of money for grassroots visit and for electoral campaign. In light of such spending in brinkmanship, both tycoons and politicians have to earn income from their tenure in return around the office whenever they won election for example committing national corruption or the government graft. In addition, those tycoons need influence to protect their business running too. Eventually, the poor people were victimized from this political brinkmanship and national misleading.

Both ruling party and opponent spend money in throwing his hat into political ring for any expectation in return to being bestowed of some positions but sometimes the politicians received nothing in position which they had invested for. After that, they are dire strait-stricken due to losing lots of money and be worst poor.

Therefore, it would be better Cambodia should have a financial law in order to eradicate political business running. Whenever, they have such law they are able to resolve social issues for example corruption, powerful dominance.

Not only law existing but also the politicians should have mindset and make sense that brinkmanship does not mean that you must spend money to seek for benefits like business running. In contrast, brinkmanship involves in huge accountability of politicians in front of the nation. The politicians should have qualification to throw your hat into politician ring include ability, leadership, initiatives, goodwill, virtue and the state is responsible for spending.